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Seeing Double - 2 Driers in Scotland

Perry Grain Dryer

K M Duncan secured the orders to install driers and handling equipment at 2 different farms near St Andrews, Scotland.  Perry of Oakley Ltd manufactured and supplied all of the handling equipment and both driers.

Both installations have had new mechanical intakes fitted which feed into aspirator cleaners to remove dust and chaff before feeding the driers, then via conveyors and elevators the product is moved into stores. One of the Perry driers has a capacity of 22tph, whilst the other has 25tph based on wheat at 750kg/m³, moisture reduction 5% from 20% to 15%.

Both driers have been fitted with Perry’s  12” touch screen PLC control panel which has been designed and programmed in house by Perry staff, meaning that full technical support is available from Perrys. The panel allows drying to be continuous or can be set to recirculating batch mode. You can also enter the crop type, intake moisture content & target moisture content. Once this data has been set, the panel will then set all the temperatures and start speeds for you. You can connect the PLC panel to the internet and this will allow status reports to be sent to your email or sent to you as a text message, giving you more freedom to leave the drier. Connecting your panel to the internet allows you to control your drier remotely from any PC that is connected to the internet.

Both driers have been fitted with Perrys highly efficient shutter discharge. The length of the opening time and the frequency of the discharge is fully adjustable from the drier PLC.

One of the driers has been fitted with vertically mounted fans. This is because this particular drier is in the middle of a yard, so to help prevent dispersed air from settling in the yard the decision was made to exhaust the air upwards. By mounting fans vertically it also further reduces the impact of noise levels of the drier in the immediate vicinity.

The Perry shutter discharge design of these driers is proving to be a popular design & works well with the Scottish crops and moisture levels.

Perry Grain DrierAll Perry driers are manufactured from galvanised steel and have been designed to BS6399 for wind loading and BS5950 for structural strength. Sizes available are from 2m to 8m, capacities from 8tph to 150tph and are available as single or dual column. The tapered duct design and the ledge free grain column have been specifically designed to aid even air speed, promote even grain flow and reduce dust and straw residue.

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