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Tired of cleaning your drier exhaust plenum during harvest? Then you need the LGCRS system!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Light Grain & Chaff Recovery System is a pneumatically operated system that is installed at the base of the exhaust plenum. It has been designed to help reduce the build up of dust, chaff & seeds in the plenum by periodically discharging any product that may have been pulled from the grain column and puts it back with the main grain flow.The Light Grain & Chaff Recovery System (LGCRS) removes the need to clean out light grains and chaff from the drier exhaust plenum.

Light Grain & Chaff Recovery System (LGCRS)

  • Additional option on all new driers but can be retrofitted to shutter discharges.
  • Pneumatically operated only. Connected to existing drier compressor.
  • PLC controlled so frequency of drop can be adjusted.
  • Labour saving
  • Particularly useful when drying Oil Seed Rape or light seeds
  • Chaff and light seeds released directly into the discharge hoppers
  • Pneumatic flap optimizes the airflow in the drier when in the shut position.


Mr Strawson of Strawson's Farms in Louth was one of the first people to have the new LGCRS installed in his brand new M611drier.

Strawsons Quote

You can read the full case study HERE>>> 

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