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Perry Launch New CentriKleen Dust & Chaff Separator

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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Perry of Oakley are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of grain and bulk handling & drying equipment. Established in 1947 they now have over 60 years of manufacturing experience.

In time for LAMMA 2015 Perry are launching their newest product, CentriKleen. The Perry CentriKleen is the cost effective & simple solution to your drier’s dust & chaff problems. If you have had enough of your yards, roofs or equipment being covered in chaff then the Perry CentriKleen is the solution.

There are several things that give the CentriKleen the edge over the market, not least of which being that up to 90% of visible dust & chaff can be collected and deposited into a trailer or dust box. The CentriKleen can be fitted to axial fans (1m & 1.25m diameter options available) on all makes and model of drier making it the most versatile option available on the market. The CentriKleen is manufactured from galvanised steel and has no moving parts meaning that it doesn’t require any additional motor power and does not require any additional steel supports. These things combined make the CentriKleen one of the most competitively priced options on the market.



Harper Adams University have independently assesed the claims Perry made about the performance and specifications of the CentriKleen. A full report is available upon request.

Initial research & development has shown the CentriKleen removes up to 90% of the visible dust & chaff, but also that the CentriKleen acts as an additional silencer helping to reduce the noise of the drier (although this is not verified).

For more information on the CentriKleen please Click Here or contact our sales team on +44 (0)1404 890300



 *subject to fan survey and test.

** access is required for periodic cleaning